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I've had this Dreamwidth account for awhile, but I've never posted before and today I thought why not today? So here I am typing away. I don;t really know what to talk about, who does on their first blog entry. I guess I'll skip the introductions and just go right into it, since people reading this know me already right? So anyway my Name is Lena AKA Radioactive Granny. My blog name comes from from my elementary years when I was cast as the grandmother in the school holiday play. To try to get that "close to the grave" look I used white face paint to increase my pallor. But I didn't Realize at the time was that the make up also glowed in the dark. . . and so when the turned down the lights my face turned a lumincent green. I still haven't heard the last of it, whenever I see one of my old school friends he still laughs since his most brillaint memory is my face glowing in the dark. like to write and someday i hope I can direct/produce/write movies. I am a moderater on Artemis Fowl Fangathering, which is one of my all time favorite sites. Ah snap now I'm doing an introduction aren't I? Well whatever. School is almost done for the day after which I will be attending the launch party for the school literay magazine. Till next time, Lena


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